Ways To Prevent Hair Loss In Woman Naturally

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Hair fall is becoming a common problem for everyone these days. When women see their hair falling day by day they feel stressed out as they have dreamt of having healthy, shiny and beautiful hair.

Women consider the falling of hair is natural as one get older. There are so many products out in the market which promise to reduce hair fall but as these contain chemicals in them, they are sure to damage your hairs.

Losing of 100 strands of hair a day is natural when you comb your hair. In case you are losing more than that then it should be considered as a severe hair fall condition.

We have to understand the common cause of hair fall and find out the cause and take effective measures. Some of the common reasons include lack of essential nutrients, improper diet and excessive use of chemicals, hormonal imbalance, medications, scalp disorders and stress. Thyroid is a common problem in women and this lead to severe hair fall.

Mentioned below are some of the simple tips which would help you to reduce hair fall normally.

  • Never comb your hairs after having a head bath immediately as wet hair is more likely to break your hairs and this may increase in hair fall.
  • To detangle hair makes use of wide tooth comb so as to reduce the hair while combing.
  • Always keep your comb neat and clean and away from dirt. The dirt in the comb leads to hair fall.
  • Warm oil should be used for hair. Applying oil regularly to the hair gives a natural beauty with no side effects.
  • The scalp should be massaged with natural oils like coconut, olive, etc. so that hair growth is encouraged and hair fall is reduced.
  • Scalp issues if any can be resolved by deep conditioning which also helps in making hair strong.

Washing of hairs with shampoos containing sulphate, silicone and paraben should be avoided as they contain harsh chemicals and tend to lose hairs more. While investing money in shampoos look out for a good branded which are good for hair with no chemicals in them.

Washing of hair with a shampoo or cleanser will remove the dust, oil and bacteria in them. Once in every 3 days the hairs should be washed to keep them clean and hair fall can be prevented. This will also ensure clean scalp free from infections.

Hair fall can be prevented if one consumes a balanced diet with good amount of nutrients. One should also overcome the deficiencies of vitamins and proteins by having a diet and increase the moisture content in your hair to reduce hair fall.

Drink plenty of water to reduce hair fall.

Follow some of the natural ways to prevent hair fall and avoid costly hair treatments. Consult your physician and follow the prescribed medication for hair fall.

Do not forget to follow a healthy lifestyle good diet and regular oil massage to have a healthy hair.



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