Why You Must Never Avoid Sun Screens

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SUN SCREEN-this word itself narrates the entire story why you should wear this particular cream before stepping out of your house. If you want to understand the damage that ozone layer can cause to your skin then you need to go in for a decent sunscreen so that your skin can protect itself from harmful rays of sun.

Sun screens are the best way to shield our skin from patchy skin, dark spots, decolouring, pigmentation and even very severe conditions like skin cancer etc. Sun screens also help check premature ageing and pigmentation.

Experts recommend exposing skin to sun to get a good amount of Vitamin D

Running, jogging, swimming, shopping, waking, going to office etc can meet a person’s daily requirement of Vitamin D which is 15mcg per day. One can get a good amount of Vitamin D from a diet which is full of milk, eggs, poultry etc and vitamin D supplementation can even help achieve the target. But if you are boldly exposing yourself to sun for a prolonged period then that might not provide any extra dose of vitamin D and on the contrary might leave you prone to damaging effects of UV rays that may invite skin cancers and photodamage too.

Certain medications increase risks of sun burns

Some medicines make skin extra susceptible to harmful rays of sun. Medications which are anti-inflammatory, medications used for cardiovascular treatments and acne treatments can expose the skin to strong rays of sun that can be harmful. Some of the oral medications like Doxycycline and even Minocycline which are used in treatment of acne can cause skin related problems when exposed to direct rays of sun and to and prolonged UV rays. Isotretinoin, also known as Accutane, is a sort of vitamin A which is a derived medication that can lead to skin burn easily. Other products that are aimed at reducing acne, like for instance a medication which is a form of vitamin A is obtained from tretinoin and benzoyl peroxide which can harm the skin easily through photosensitization and skin irritation.

Sun screen sprays are the newest thing

If you are mostly on the go, and love to keep your skin safe then sun screen sprays are the newest thing available in the market. Sun screen sprays are good for those who do not prefer the feel of cream on their skin every few hours.

Why we must never use expired sunscreens

The expiry date of any product is mentioned to let us now clearly that the chemical composition of any product no longer works now. If these products are used in any case, it can lead to skin burns and skin irritation. You can see that the colour or shade of the cream has changed significantly, even the odor can change at times


Use sunscreen to protect yourself from Harmful UV Rays:

The ozone layer is depleting with each passing day and is result is that the atmosphere is putting us all at a high risk of skin related problems due to the UV rays. It is important that you get your daily dose of vitamin D but it is important that you apply sunscreen before stepping out in the sun. It is not always about

Applying sunscreen actually blocks these harmful rays from penetrating the skin and triggering skin disorders.

Sun screens will help in preventing premature aging:

Get yourself a bottle of sunscreen to get a glowing and radiant younger looking skin which all of us dream of. Sunscreens help reduce chances of skin damage and even protect skin from premature ageing. Some common signs of premature ageing like wrinkles, crows feet, fine lines Research shows that people below the age of 55 who applied sunscreen on a regular basis exhibited 24% lesser chances of wrinkles, fine lines and skin damage compared to those who did not use sunscreens.

Sunscreens can even lower the risk of skin cancer:

Yes, you have read it correctly! Research says that a certain type of skin cancer called melanoma can be avoided if sun screens are used regularly and skin is shielded from the harmful rays of sun. This sort of skin cancer is said to be fatal and very disheartening for many young women in the age group of 20s and 30s.

Sunscreens check and prevent sunburns:

Sunburns can be really fatal if you tend to walk out in extreme hot weather without any sun protection. Our skin is sensitive and can experience swelling, redness, itching and hives. These problems increase with the presence and impact of UVB rays. The blisters on the skin can even escalate risk of certain types of skin cancer. A report published in the ‘Annals of Epidemiology’ in the year 2008 in August explained in detail that repeated incidents of sunburns can even put you at a greater risk of lethal melanoma can be very harmful. So it is always a good idea to apply a handful of sunscreen and keep your skin safe and glowing.

Sunscreen stops and checks tanning:

Tan is considered healthy but sunscreen is still very necessary. You must have noticed that people in beach are smiling away under the sun enjoying the tan however over exposing yourself to tan means that you are inviting harsh UV rays of sun to make permanent damage to skin.  This damage caused to skin cannot be repaired by any of the creams as the original texture, colour, look and feel cannot be brought back if the damage is too much.

Before going out in the sun specially for swimming, the SPF should be minimum of 30 so that the sun’s UV rays cannot penetrate the layers of skin and cause damage to skin.

Sunscreen improves overall health of skin:

Sunscreens are like health boosters for your skin. Important skin proteins, popularly known as collagen, elastin and keratin are shielded and guarded by regular use of sunscreens. These proteins are the basic chemicals that keep the skin healthy, glowing and blemish free. While purchasing a sun screen for yourself keep in mind that your sun block must have titanium oxide so that it can lend those benefits to the cream.

Sunscreens can also work as a cosmetic option:

Thesedays cosmetic companies have made life much simpler for city women. They can have a radiant skin and protect themselves from harmful rays of sun both at the same time. Select a SPF cream for yourself which works as a good moisturizer too and you are saved of the time, energy and even money of spending in too much creams and lotions.

Sunscreens are much better than full sleeve outfits:

We often go in for full sleeve outfits rather than selecting a god sunscreen reason being that we are uninformed of the benefits of sunscreen and or we prefer to keep the creams at bay. A cotton outfit which we all prefer during summers can provide us no protection from sun if it is wet from sweating or otherwise. You must use a sunscreen even if you select to wear cotton outfits during hot summer days.

Common ingredients of sunscreen which you must make sure are present in the one you buy:

  • Avobenzone (also parsol)
  • Zinc oxide
  • Titanium dioxide
  • Octyl methoxycinnimate (OMC)

Sunscreens which are non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic are by far the best bet. Such sun screens will not only protect you from UV rays but will even safeguard you acne, clogged pores, sun burns and rashes.

Select a waterproof sunscreen which has a minimum of SPF 30

While selecting a sunscreen for yourself always make sure that it has a minimum of SPF 30. SPF means Sun Protection Factor-this is an indicator of how long a cream will protect and safeguard the skin from harmful rays of sun. The UV rays from sun have the power to harm the outmost layer of skin by destroying the upper most surface of skin.

How Often can we use Sunscreens

It is like asking how many times should we eat in a day? The simple answer is whenever you feel hungry! Likewise, you must apply sunscreen every two hours when your skin is exposed to sun on a daily basis for long hours.

Although there is no particular age limit since when should you start applying sun screen but it advisable to use sun screens on a regular basis only after 16 or 17. The skin of a girl younger than 16 is too sensitive and must be safeguarded from rays of sun by a broad rimmed hat, or by umbrellas or avoiding direct sun bath for long durations on the beaches.

Word of caution

  • In case you feel that you are experiencing some skin irritation due to the sun screen then it is better to stop using that cream
  • Show yourself to a dermatologist if skin irritation continues
  • Avoid sunscreens if you already have some skin rashes and skin allergies
  • Sun screens are not to be confused as replacement of skin ointment
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