15 Simple Hacks To Get That PERFECT Modelling Portfolio without spending extra money

We are in a world where a 10-years old can be made to look like 25 and a 60-years old can be made to appear like a handsome dude of 42. The wrinkles, freckles, dark spots, tanning, blemishes etc. all can be taken care of by cosmetics, proper lighting and excellent camera handling. But to achieve this you need a magician photographer and skilled team to put everything together.

Your modelling portfolio is your entry ticket in the world of fashion. So before you knock the doors of any modelling agency make sure you have invested in a professional portfolio.


1.    Mirror out your best

Stand in front of the mirror for at least a month in some of the latest outfits perfect for modelling. Just monitor yourself in different poses. Check out how you look best. Which colours suit your figure and complexion type? Which are the best accessories for you? Use simple tools like your furniture - say your chairs, sofa or even your terrace to find out how and in which pose your physique and your body gives you that perfect look. Play up with different angles. Try all- front, below, side and above to see the perfect angle that accentuates your unique features.


2.    Make proper use of lights

Use all sorts of lights at home, right from the dim ones to bright, from incandescent to coloured ones and just look for yourself which out of these match with your skin tone. This sort of rehearsal or say practice at home will play a great role in understanding the ideation of the cameraman when you are getting the final photo shoot done.


3.    Right body physique

Set a target for yourself to achieve the required weight loss weight gain or toning of the body. Obviously, you do not want to shell out money on a photo shoot where the photographer tells you to shed off weight or gain weight. Do this before you are brought to terms with the reality. If possible, do take the guidance of a nutritionist too. You do not want quick-fixes, do you? So consult a good nutritionist. Understand the specific requirements of your body and take a proper diet before putting undue pressure on your body. This has an added advantage that even if you are unable to match up with your daily routine of a gym or work out then you can stay fit with the right kind of diet.


4.    Camera contact

It is a well know personality trick that looking right into the eyes of a person shows your level of confidence and is even considered to raise your self-worth. In order to bring this notion visible in the pictures and your portfolio, it is important that you look straight into the camera lens. Establish a connection and display emotions which will make your otherwise lifeless portfolio come to life!


5.    Right photographer

A prior appointment is very important for the photographer. It is the camera and the lens that you will need to communicate to. The photographer’s own skills sets and his work-ethics are very crucial. Talk to him about reference shots. Reference shots are a window to how the actual portfolio will be shot. It is very important that you talk to him about the way the pictures will be edited and final finishing will be carried out and the cost involved in it.


6.    Select a stylist for yourself

The right kind of outfits help bring out the best in your personality and even in the pictures. With ‘reference shots’ in mind, your stylist will align various options of outfits way in advance and will work out fittings in order to ensure the desired results. Be prepared for the advice of your stylist as he or she may at times advise outfits or a look that you may not agree with but DO take the advice into consideration. This is why you had hired this expert person in the first place.


7.    Plan the right mix of outdoor and indoor shots

It is a great idea to always use outdoor as well as indoor shots so as to break the monotony and it works as a visual treat and a relief. The backdrop adds life and a character to the image. As per the shot break-up, your photographer, you and the stylist can plan locations and even the time bands like whether it has to be early morning light or the setting sun etc.


8.    Select a good hair stylist and a makeup artist

Conduct your own research to find out about a fresh crop of talented hairstylists and make-up artists that suit your requirements. Fix up an appointment and understand how they can improve upon your looks. Understand your skin type and the best make-up that suits your complexion. Do take suggestions of the make-up artist and implement them to enhance your looks.  


9.    Invest in dental treatments if required

Our teeth are the central feature of face and reflect our deepest emotions in the most expressive manner. Our teeth are a natural beauty asset. Facial beauty is actually a mathematical relationship between proportion, balance and symmetry. And in this equation, around 50% of our facial beauty is determined by our teeth and gums. This is because when we smile with beautiful teeth, it makes a stunning contribution to the face. And with the lips closed, teeth give structure and symmetry to the lower side of the face.

A perfect smile can totally change your look if you have made up your mind to make a mark in the field of modelling. There are a plethora of dental treatments like teeth whitening, teeth shaping and bonding, orthodontic treatments and veneers etc.  These treatments can enhance your look to quite an extent.


10.    Careful examination and selection of shots

Different modelling assignments have different requirements. Your portfolio must make you look like a perfect face for any type of modelling. Therefore your portfolio must include all sort of shots like close-ups, full-length and mid-length shots. Post-production pictures require a lot of editing like Photoshop, formatting and cleaning. But this requires a lot of fineness as the editing should be kept as minimal as possible. You can even discuss with the photographer about high or low-resolution pictures in order to take care of any uploading or printing issues that may arise later. Do not miss your vital stats. There are certain facts which must be stated in the old traditional style. Your vital stats like your weight, height, the colour of hair and eye colour etc. should be mentioned so that if the agency is considering these stats to hire the right candidate then your portfolio gets selected.


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