• We all know that benefits of neem leaves are unlimited. Neem leaves, used in any form, not only improve us from outside but also heal our body from inside. Neem leaves help fight many skin and hair..

  • Neem capsules as the name suggest capsule or cover all the amazing and naturally healing properties of neem tree. Neem capsules have become popular lately due to the bitterness which it possess and..

  • For actors skin care is of utmost care. Our face and skin starts suffering as we age and it becomes very important that we take extra care of them gently and naturally. You have stopped on this pag..

  • From Gwyneth Paltrow in Hollywood to Shilpa Shetty and Aishwarya Rai in Bollywood- these sultry actresses are known to have a strong inclination towards ayurvedic treatments and oils. The biggest b..

  • Celebrity skin care: Thinking what makes celebrities Skin Look So Good?

    Thinking how do celebrities have such clear skin and how you can get celebrity clear skin?


  • Pink, magenta, deep red, sparkle, violet, golden- can you imagine the shades and varieties of make-up which a model’s skin has to undergo every day in modelling industry, day-in day-out? In o..

  • From years we have known that neem is a great resource to take care of your skin and hair. Neem oil is obtained from the very seed (or fruit) of the tropical neem tree, also called as Azadirachta i..

  • There are so many cosmetics available in market today that promise amazing results for your skin and hair within days. Cosmetics conglomerate pack their products with fake promises to sell their pr..