• Do you often wish that you had the same shiny, lush, healthy, and manageable hair like the commercial ads shown on television? You can also flaunt the same shiny long strands with an all-natural so..

  • Let`s look at ways we can use neem oil to treat hair problems.

    According to Ayurveda, our body is made up of five elements (the paanch tatva). The chants of Ayurveda say that the body is ..

  • Hair are the most important component that define our looks. Our hair color, hair length and hair style make the most important component of our overall personality. This is like the most important..

  • Well! Most of us are not very fond of guava as a fruit but we all know the amazing benefits it has. The seasonal fruit of Guava is very healthy and beneficial for us. But you will be surprised to k..

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  • In modelling and showbiz, your looks are defined by your hairstyle. You can pick any dress and style for a special occasion but your look will be incomplete unless you compliment it with a perfect ..

  • In glamour industry, your hairs play a very important role. Color your hairs, style using hair gel, use designer bands and many more ways you can use your hairs to c..