Daily hair wash is good for hair

Hair are the most important component that define our looks. Our hair color, hair length and hair style make the most important component of our overall personality. This is like the most important and controllable aspect of our beauty.

But the environment and poor air quality we live in affects our hair and skin a lot. Bad hair day is a major problem with working women who travel outside in pollution and heat often. In fact nowadays people around the world are suffering from problems like hair loss, bald patches, low hair quality, baldness etc. Very people today can boast of healthy and dense hairs, and they take extra care of their hair.

To keep your hair healthy, glowing and shinning you must clean your hair regularly. Regular washing and conditioning of hair keep them away from dust and pollutions. But proper care should be taken while washing your hair.

Daily washing can also affect the natural growth and health of your hair and makes them weak. Daily washing should only be done when you expose your hairs to outdoor activities and pollution. Some of the activities mentioned below needs washing of hairs necessary on daily basis.


Rigorous workouts in gym

If you are a rigorous gym person, then naturally you sweat a lot while doing exercise and workouts. Sweating happens from scalp and this can block your scalp skin pores. Moreover, sweaty and dirty scalp is the main cause of thin hair and hair loss.

Hair gels and styling gels

To style hair and get the perfect sharp look, some people prefer to apply gels and waxes on their hair. The harmful chemicals in these products can irritate your scalp skin and these products are the main cause of hair loss. If you cannot style your hair without these gels, then it is advisable that you wash your hair properly after applying these products.

Chemicals Overloaded hair products

Market is full of different varieties of hair products and styling products. Many companies claim that their products are absolutely natural but in reality almost every product is over loaded with chemicals and harmful substances which can very badly affect the hair. And when you use such products daily on your hair, this causes hair loss. So choose your hair products very wisely and control the usage on hair.

Sweaty Head

After daily activities like workouts and traveling in sun, everyone over sweat and sweating starts from the scalp.  Sweat is salt water released from the body while doing workouts or activities. The best thing is to wash immediately. A mild lactic acid is present in sweat which immediately causes hair loss. It is essential to wash your hairs every day.


We all use different kinds of cosmetics on hair to look more beautiful and get the best hair style, but this affects our hair the most. Cosmetics contain gels and waxes which when applied on hair block the pores of the scalp skin. This results in immediate hair loss. So try to avoid any use of cosmetics as they lead to hair loss.

Scalp Sebum

Many people especially people with oily skin suffer from greasy hair and this becomes unmanageable in summers. Greasiness in hair happens mainly due to unclean and unhealthy hair. Sebum is a natural oil secreted from the skin and if it is left on the hair skin for a long time can result in hair loss.

Excessive use of shampoos and conditioners on hair daily is definitely not recommended. Even natural shampoos and conditioners are a reservoir of harmful chemicals which cause very bad damage to hair. Simply wash your hair with cold water instead of applying shampoos and make use of a good serum to keep your hair smooth and soft.

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