Dolce & Gabbana takes fashion technology to the next level

It is hard to tell if technocrats around the world are obsessed with fashion or fashion world is obsessed about technology. Look at three of the world`s biggest technology giants- Amazon, Google and Apple and they are all trying to make their mark in the fashion world. We all have seen how these companies are trying to find innovative ways to become a part of our daily style statement. Amazon is changing the whole online shopping experience and trying to make it more personal and experiential. Amazon`s Alexa and voive-controlled cameras are other ways to make technology more interactive and user friendly. Apple has already conquered that space with super stylish and fanciest smartwatches. Google with its gigantic android user base is too busy innovating and trying to change the whole game. In an interesting partnership with Levi`s last year, Google launched a smart jacket embedded with gadgets for travellers.

But fashion world too is looking at these innovations very keenly. The best thing about Fashion is that it is always ahead looking- ready to adopt any advancement. And the biggest names in fashion are accepting these technologies very enthusiastically. Chanel took fashion show concepts to another level by stimulating a rocket launch on runway. Marchesa borrowed supercomputers from IBM to create a smart dress which lights up and changes its colour based upon engagements on social media.

Merging fashion with technology and setting new stories on runway has become a trend in recent years. But Italian designers Dolce & Gabbana took this combination of fashion and technology to the next level in their recent runway show. D&G left the audience amazed when they sent drones down the runway carrying handbags from their latest collection. It was handbag collection for their Fall/Winter 2018 fashion show in Milan, Italy.


It is believed that almost seven quadcopters hovered around the runway, each one with a Dolce & Gabbana handbag hanging beneath it. These bag in different styles had heart-shaped closures and this collection was named “Devotion”. More than super models doing catwalk, these flying bags made quite an impression on the audience and left everyone dazzled.




Generally more than designer collection it is the glamorous runway models which become the talking point in any fashion show. But D&G decided to replace these glam models with smart drones flying down the runway. Super expensive ornate handbags were presented in the show carried aloft by drones operated by technology experts in backstage.


Drone show causes delay in D&G fashion show

According to the sources, the preparations for this fly-show was a messy affair and caused a delay of almost an hour. Many people with no clue about what is waiting for them started speculating if any collection is coming their way.

Organisers requested those attending the show to turn off the Wi-Fi function and personal hotspots on their cell phones. Signs and announcements in several different languages pleaded multiple times for audience members to turn off their personal Wi-Fis and hot spots which were interfering in smooth flight of the drones. Once the organisers were convinced about the safety of everyone in the 600 strong audience, the spectacular show began and drones suddenly flew out over the runway.

As the drones show buzzed off, human models wearing D&G clothes hit the runway presumably relieved that the fashion brand hasn’t completely done away with their services. At least yet.



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