Facing Rejections in Modelling and not feeling depressed


Let’s accept that rejection is something that we all are scared of. Whether in personal lives or on the professional front, facing rejection and still smiling at life is not everyone’s cup of tea! But the best part is that just like any other skill, we can all learn how to accept defeat and rejection at the mental level. As a budding model you can expect a lot of rejection, not because you are not worth the deal but because of several other factors.

As a model, Kate Moss was shown red signal numerous times before she finally made it big. The doors were closed for her in the initial years as she was considered ‘too short’ to model. You can even take up the example of supermodel Gisele Bundchen. She was actually rejected by around 40 agencies but this did not stop her from achieving her goal in life and today she is undoubtedly one of the highest paid actors.


Be mentally prepared for rejections

The biggest mistake we make while climbing up the professional ladder is to take remarks personally. It is purely work which brings certain people together so always keep in mind that the remarks made are only the response of whether your personality or your looks fit that particular campaign or not. It has nothing to do with you personally. This understanding will help you become a better person. Remember, it is very important that you keep up your self-esteem and never compromise on it at any cost. This inner power will help you cling to your core and go ahead in life rather than thinking about your past rejection.


Attract positive vibrations from the universe

Universe has everything available with it. Right from natural resources like water, air, land to luxury cars, plush apartments, and necessary goods everything in abundance. Just attract whatever you want by using simple yet powerful affirmations like ‘You are a successful model’, that ‘People love to hire your services for their modelling agency’ that ‘your looks are very good’, and ‘that your first impression is really good on people’. These vibrations when used in present tense attract similar energy from the environment. 

Remember positive belief is the foundation of our lives and we become what we think we are. What we believe actually shapes who we are. Any dark period in our lives will pass but we it is very important that we maintain a positive outlook towards life. You have to believe firmly that like any, this dark season too will pass and that you are destined for greater things in life. People will love you, will flock around you and that you will achieve success.


Train your subconscious 

Initially, your subconscious will reject the idea. I mean you obviously have been rejected by a modelling agency and on your way home you are affirming yourself that you are a model who is in demand, your subconscious will reply ‘that’s a lie’ or ‘that’s not true yet’. But these have been our thinking patterns which were developed over a period of time. And once you make it a habit to use positive affirmations, slowly and gradually the subconscious will start accepting these statements and being a powerful tool it will help you achieve those goals. 

It is very important you train your thoughts and subconscious at this point. Yoga and meditation are a great tool to have full control over your body and thoughts. These are the best ways to calm your mind and stop it from cultivating negative thoughts. When all hope seems lost and you are idol, your mind becomes even busier generating all sorts of thoughts. It fills your head with all sorts of destructive and negative thoughts which can destroy everything around you. Your complete hard work and all the accomplishments can be destroyed if you allow such thoughts to breed. Meditation is a great way to exercise self-control and controlling your mind from going in a wrong direction.


Forgive and Forget is the mantra

Forgiving is easy but the actual challenge is in forgetting. But everything is possible if we train our minds. In the modelling industry, every face is unique. There are no specific degrees like in engineering, medical or management or any other field for that matter. Now it can be really disturbing for the models when they come fully prepared and are told that they do not fit the bill.

Accept the situation as it is. It is important that you accept that the modelling agency required a different face or a personality for that particular role. It is best to forgive and to forget. Just move on and try for your next modelling appointment. It is better not to ask for any explanations as models at times seek explanations from the agencies or scouts about what went wrong and where. They feel they can work upon that error and make it the next time. But the whole issue is that there is nothing like a mistake when you are a fresher. It is largely about your looks and personality and how far they match with the given project. 


Criticism must be taken in good spirits 

Consider yourself lucky if the modelling agency takes out time to sit with you face to face and to tell you about your shortcomings and the key areas where you can improve. Be humble and accept them. Do not argue or try to explain yourself. You are lucky enough to get the feedback right from the horse’s mouth! Most of the models do not get this luxury.


Learn to tame your mind

You have not made it to the modelling gig and now it feels so tempting to call up your close friends and to sulk with them. But when you are sulking and thinking about what could have happened and what could have been avoided, other models quickly refresh themselves up, forget the rejection and head for the next modelling assignment. 

The trick is to catch hold of your mind. We need to deal with our mind the way we deal with a child. Your mind has tucked in its seat belts and is about to take off into a land of depression and guilt but you need to lovingly bring it back to the present scenario. Each time when you bring your mind back to the task that needs to be done at the present moment, it will be a habit for the mind to reach in that manner.


Reconsider your approach

If you have received rejections a number of times, then it is time you reconsider your approach. Instead of thinking about the past rejections, it is a good idea to consider the road you were taking to contact the agencies. Perhaps your emails, your language of communication needs to be worked upon.

Reconsider the way you enter an audition room. May be you are using an approach which is not appealing to many people and probably which does not suit your personality. Find places of discovery in your personality. Show a side which is fresh and which everyone wants to see. Never stop learning and honing your craft. And never stop asking yourself, “How diverse can I get as an artist?”


Pamper yourself even more

We all know very well how much you take care of yourself but what’s the harm in being more careful. People would be more successful if they focus on the positive side of the life. Find positivity in everything around you. If you want to lose weight, don’t make a resolution of shedding extra kilos. Instead make a resolution of taking extra care of yourself and your body. Make a promise that you will treat your body with more nourishing food, extra care and healthy substances. Groom yourself even more, apply lotions and fragrances. Get in touch with your body and understand what it needs. Your healthy connection with your body will eventually reflect on your face and towards your outlook in life.


Sit on the drivers’ seat  

When we sit in the back seat of the car it is comfortable for us as we can listen to music, talk on the phone, eat or drink. But when we are at the driver’s seat then however hungry we may be, we cannot afford to eat or put ourselves in a situation where we get distracted. Same applies to our lives. When in trouble, come and sit in the drivers’ seat and think that you just cannot afford to remain distracted or waste time sulking. 

Take full control of your life. The most important thing is to keep yourself grounded and humble. Attach yourself to the deeply held values and morals. Rather than looking at huge dynamic changes that can alter your life completely, focus more on smaller tiny things that bring long term impact. See positivity in everything around you and make small behavioural changes that can pave way for more happiness and success. Keep reinventing yourself and these small changes will bring big impact and fulfilment in your life.

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