Food Habits Of Fitness Models

Fitness model have admirable physiques, whether you have admired their perfectly flat abs or toned quads on billboards of in videos. The appearance of model’s come from good genetics and rest comes from regimented diet and vigorous exercise program. Modes can use the dieting tactics while preparing for a fitness competition and you too can make use of it and these diet secrets can help you to keep fit and healthy.


Eat proper and clean food

Eat healthy food and drink plenty of water

Do not skip meals

Avoid alcohol

Control “Calories IN, Calories OUT”

Control the intake of carbs at night


One of the beautiful toned and sexy women on earth are the fitness models. Women who wish to lose weight would be curious to know as what food a fitness model eat. One might think that their diet would be something extremely difficult but they just eat a healthy food.

Millions of people who desire to be model do not have a solid plan or the discipline needed to maintain a strict diet. There are various shortcuts like weight loss pills of almost all colors and sizes and they promise to burn fat. These are all just waste of money and ultimately you will find no results. There is neither any change in your body and will be left with a hole in your pocket.

The top body builders stick to four foods which offer a variety of choices to put the fun of eating in and to remove the boredom. Lean protein, fruits, starchy, whole grain and vegetables are the top natural food categories. With a number of choices you can build a delicious menu which not only helps you in enjoying dishes but also helps in eating with pleasure and get rid of a boring diet.

Specific things like dairy products are avoided by some fitness models but some just eat whatever they want in small servings. To achieve the same results, it is not necessary that you should eat these foods but better results can be achieved easily with eating foods regularly without cheating.


The most important factor is to stick to a healthy basic diet

The diet of fitness model need not be complicated but should be bulk of her diet and include healthy diet like fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains. Throughout the day eat smaller meals and keep yourself full and satiated. Take for example six small meals or three medium sized meals and two snacks. Do not forget to include protein in your diet for satiety. You can add Greek yogurt to your cereal in the morning and top up the green salad with few chunks of tuna or salmon and also pair your roasted veggies with grilled chicken breast for dinner. Sugary baked goods, refined carbohydrates like white bread and pasta and fatty processed and packaged foods like chips, snack crackers and frozen pizza are unhealthy foods that should be avoided.


How fitness model stay satiated

According to a profile of six female fitness models published in Women’s Health and Fitness magazine, the models follow a sustainable diet on daily basis. Fitness model Andrea Albright shared her sustainable diet in her interview saying that she never leaves her house hungry. She holds the view that occasional indulgence as metabolism-boosting extra calories and not cheating on her diet.

You too can follow this diet by eating healthy food and occasionally indulge once and a while try to avoid them. Find out new ways of eating healthy foods. Model Meaghan Terzi satisfies her carving for buster snacks by roasting chickpeas in oven to get the satisfaction of texture of unhealthy foods without adding to any calorie and fat.


Water is the king- stay hydrated

If you want a fitness model-worthy physique then the key component of your diet should be to stay hydrated. Toxins from your body are removed via your kidneys, and the lever needs water to function properly and to metabolize fat. You can feel hungry while dehydrating and this may tempt you to break your diet. World fitness model, Monica Brant has said that she keeps water with her at all times and drinks a gallon of water every day. To give an added flavor to your water, you can add a few springs of mint leaves or squeeze in some lime juice.


Slim Down for Photo shoots for perfect shots

You will need to make extra diet adjustments in case you are looking for a photoshoot ready physique. Fitness models cut down calories intake from diet without lowering protein intake before their photoshoot. The cutting of calories helps in reducing weight and cutting of protein helps to decrease muscle mass. Both of these helps in maintaining model’s muscle tone and thus boost muscle by burning the excess fat. Diet contains best source of lean protein like egg whites and chicken breasts and veggies filled with fiber along with starchy carbohydrates like rice to eaten in small amounts.

It is best to consult a professional short-term plan to adjust your diet to fine tuning based on your physique and ultimate goals. Fitness models and competitors are not prepared for photoshoot all the time and diet and exercise program help them to prepare for an event that need not be followed for a long term. Harvard Medical School has stated that eating protein regularly and taking too few carbs can reduce the risk of health problems like osteoporosis.




A sensible diet plan can be framed by a nutrition and fitness professional on day to day basis. You need to set up your realistic goal to help you in maintaining proper diet and fall into a fad diet or set up your eating pattern. The most realistic dieting plan incorporates elements of many fitness models diets are mentioned below:


  • Eat proper and clean food
    Food you eat should not be processed foods or trans-fats or diet drinks. Prefer to have organic food. Eat high protein food with low carb and low fat diet to keep body fat to a low percentage. You should no doubt eat in moderation and follow strict guidelines to lose excess fat quickly.

    You can depend on lean proteins to gain muscles and to lose weight. We need proteins to build muscles, skin, and hair, build hormones and enzymes, and even build antibodies for a healthy immune system. Along with all these, proteins are used in many bodily functions including cell maintenance and repair and blood clotting. And, yes, lean protein will help you lose weight. Examples of lean proteins are chicken, fish, egg whites, turkey and protein shakes. Oatmeal, sweet potatoes and rice are good carbs that can be included in your diet. You can include nuts and rice cakes for your crunchy cravings.


  • To metabolize your protein eat healthy food and drink plenty of water
    Your diet should include lot of vegetables but see that you add all healthy veggies. To keep the nutrients of veggies in green, try to steam it. You can consume fewer calories by eating large salads with light dressing. Green apples are high in fiber and great for eliminating hunger.


  • Make small portions of your meals as much as possible. Models prefer to eat five or six small meals a day. This eating is preferred as it keeps your metabolism by burning calories and keeps you away from hunger between meals. If you feel you are eating too much then keep a note on what you eat and the quantity and how you feel after you eat. You should never have the overstuffed feel of eating food.


  • Avoid Alcohol
    Alcohol should be avoided for most part of the day. You can also have a glass of wine with your dinner once or twice a week. People feel that drinking of alcohol lowers their self-control and they may be eating things they had not planned to eat.


  • Measure intake of food
    Buy an accurate food scale and track the count of food you take in a diary. Along with this also a keep a track of your daily exercise and amount of calories you burnt. This will help you in comparing the calories consumed and burned. According to the "calories in, calories out" theory, obesity is a result of eating too much food and not exercising enough. The only way to lose weight is to eat less, exercise more and to ensure that calories in our body are balanced.


  • Note the intake of carbs at night
    Avoid eating food after 8pm or 3 hours before bedtime. Most nutrition experts recommend limiting the intake of carbs at night since it is obvious that you will be going to sleep soon and your body metabolism will slow down. In this scenario, the possibility of those carbohydrates getting stored in our body as fat is higher compared to if they were consumed earlier in the day. The body movement in the day time results in the greater possibility of these being burned.


These are simple fitness rules but the most important factor is that you follow your diet plan based on your goals. If you are dedicated then you can have very easily achieve lean and healthy physique like models. All you need is determination and self motivation and nothing can stop you from reaching your goals.

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