Foods That Models Should Eat To Look Lean And Fit

Some simple tricks and tips to achieve beach body

We need not be a fitness model or professionals to look lean and fit. A wide variety of nutrient-rich food along with regular exercise is needed to maintain a healthy fit body and having a beach-ready body. Achieving the desired body is not complicated, all you need to do is to eat right. To achieve a lean body, fitness professionals do not eat anything special or do any magic. You can have a beach-ready body all year round by eating the following healthy food. Here we bring to you some hand-picked food items that can help you look thin and lean.


Oats contain fat burning fiber

Eggs are a great source of high protein

Greens for maintaining super body

Consume Lean Proteins for Muscle Development

Eating an apple daily melts the fat away

Eating healthy fat helps in burning body fat

Drinking Plenty of Water every day

Consuming Olive oil improves Heart health

Fatty Fish to be eaten several times a week

Cheat meals help in maintaining fitness


1.    Eat Oats – Oats contain fat burning fibre
Mostly all fitness professionals and models prefer to eat oats. Oats is an item in their menu on top priority. Oats are considered a secret weapon for energy, burning fat and contain superfood nutrients. Oats are high in fibre and make a great pre-workout meal. They help in digestion and reduce bloating. Oats provide satiety for a long time as they are a nutrient-rich food. Fitness professionals and athletes prefer to have oats for a healthy meal.

2.    Consume Eggs – Eggs possess high Protein
Eggs are a great post-workout snack and favourite of professionals and models. Eggs contain protein and are rich in nutrient content in the yolk. Models and fitness professionals prefer to eat the white portion of the eggs along with the yolks in moderation. Eggs help in keeping muscles strong and benefits a lot in giving a tight and toned physique. In the kitchen itself with the help of eggs, one can easily develop Abs as the eggs can be cooked in many appetizing ways. Eggs, when boiled, are high in the fit-pro eating list. 

3.    Consume Green vegetables – Greens for maintaining super body
To maintain a fit and healthy body, fitness models eat green vegetables on daily basis. Green vegetables like broccoli and spinach are rich in nutrients. These superfoods have multiple health benefits and help in maintaining a lean physique. Good quality foods are needed to maintain good bodies. Models prefer to have green vegetables and leaf during their meal. One can achieve and maintain good body and physique by eating superior green vegetables and leaves. 

4.    Proteins – Consume Lean Proteins for Muscle Development
Most models and fitness professionals prepare lean proteins like chicken and consume it on daily basis to maintain lean mass. Some of the models even prefer to take commercial proteins like blended whey and whey isolates and prefers it to shakes as these needs to the prepared. The body makes use of amino acids too as they are the building blocks of protein to help in healing, recovering and builds beautiful lean muscle. 

5.    Apple – Eating an apple daily melts the fat away
To maintain a toned body all around the year, eat fruits like apples. Apples are tasty to eat and rich in nutrients and high in fibre. Models are well aware that apples boost metabolism and aid in burning fat. Apples are a great pre-workout snack and good for maintaining energy in a short time. 

6.    Healthy fat – Eating healthy fat helps in burning body fat
Models well know that eating healthy fats helps in burning body fat. Previously fats like peanut butter, avocado and olive oil were considered as bad fats but now these are among the ten tip foods to eat to maintain a lean body. Healthy fats help in the easy digestion process and promote satiety thus reducing overeating. Eating healthy fats helps to maintain glowing skin and models prefer to eat healthy fats. 

7.    Water - Drinking Plenty of Water every day
Models, fitness professionals and athletes prefer to drink ample amount of water. Drinking water is good for health as it keeps the body hydrated and helps in flushing out toxins from the body. Our body metabolism is also stimulated by drinking water and is also linked to burning fat more efficiently. Drinking water also aids in proper digestive processes and reduces bloating. One of the secret to maintaining a beautiful and healthy body is to drink sufficient amount of water. 

8.    Olive Oil – Consuming Olive oil improves Heart health 
Model and professionals prefer to drizzle olive oil on greens and vegetables for salad dressing. Olive oil is high in nutrients and healthy for the body and this healthy fat can be consumed daily. A great healthy body needs a healthy heart and olive oil is a healthy fat and helps in maintaining a healthy heart residing in a healthy body. 

9.    Fatty Fish – Fatty Fish to be eaten several times a week 
To maintain a beach-ready body, models and fitness professionals consume fatty fish. Fatty fish like salmon possesses omega -3 fats which help in burning fat efficiently. Consumption of fatty fish helps to boost metabolism and stimulates efficient fat burning. Fatty fish also contains various health benefits and hence eating them is recommended to maintain a lean and healthy body. 

10.    Cheat Meals – Cheat meals help in maintaining fitness 
Models and fitness professionals do indulge themselves in cheat meals but they remain extra cautious about this. From sweet dish to savoury dish each person’s taste differs from person to person. Models are always conscious about their body and keep in consideration the calorie intake. They pay attention to the total calories of each quality intake. Some of them prefer to eat only one fresh-baked brownie instead of the whole pan. Cheat meals help to keep track of what you eat and enjoy a balance in life. 


Some simple tricks and tips to achieve beach body

To maintain a toned body, models and professionals make use of some tricks all the year round. Some of the top tips and tricks that will be helpful are as follows:


  • Control on Portion – Before eating labels are being read and proper portions are measured out. Do not go for larger portions. 
  • Smaller Plates – Have your food on smaller plates rather than on a big size plate. This will avoid your temptation of overeating. 
  • Pack your Food – While going out on travel, try to pack your food on the go. This will avoid you from going out on fast foods. You can pack some healthy cooler foods or snacks in your purse before going out. 
  • Cook your food at home – Try to cook your food at home and take a control of what you eat. Cut down your consumption of reducing saturated fat and high sodium food. 
  • Alcohol should be eliminated – Cut down your intake of alcohol or eliminate it totally. This will help in reducing your waistline and improve your overall health. 
  • Doing Exercise – Practice doing exercise three to five times in a week and for 30 to 45 minutes for optimum fitness.


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