Overcome addiction of junk food

Burgers, pizza, french fries and such junk food has become the common staple diet for many of us. Everyone knows about their harmful effects on our body but still it is difficult for us to overcome its addiction. In todays`s life where we are always rushing for work, we prefer such quick meals. Also the growth of trendy burger chains and pizza restaurants have added to our addiction. Instead of cooking at home and using more vegetables in our meals, we prefer picking up such junk items from market.

The harmful effects of such junk items are long known and many studies have proved these already, but still we are finding it difficult to overcome our addiction to such junk items. We have always heard obese people complaining that they would like to eat less but they are not able to control their eating habits. It is also about choosing the right and healthier food options.

Junk food experiment on rats

A recent medical research has shown that when rats were fed with extreme junk food, they gained a lot of weight and in spite of receiving shocks they could not control their habit of overeating. On the contrary, when a second group of rats were fed on a healthy diet with minimum of junk food they did not gain weight and resisted unhealthy food even when electric shocks were given to them. One of the surprising things is that when suddenly the overweight rats were given a healthy diet they preferred to eat nothing at all. They went for a two week hunger strike. Instead of eating fresh and healthy food, the better option they chose was to starve themselves.

Although these studies have been conducted on rats, the researchers are not certain if this can be applicable on human beings. It is quite possible that when people eat meals that are high in fat and calories, the brain tends to take only such food as it provides some level of satisfaction and hunger satiation. And as this habit grows, we tend to eat more and more unhealthy food and gain more weight.

On further detailed examination by the scientists on rats, it was also found that they had lower levels of dopamine D2 receptors. This condition is common among people who are addicted to nasty drugs like cocaine and heroin. Thus this can be generalized that when people overeat, the level of D2 receptor decreases and vicious cycle of unhealthy overeating and obesity takes place.

Instead of eating healthy nutritious food, if you keep on eating junk food then you will start overeating. You should try to develop a habit of proper nutrition and right eating habits to overcome your addiction. Without a poor nutrition and lack of physical activities will cause lifetime damage to your body. It is thus necessary that you keep a control on your eating habits and control consumption of junk food.


Our body needs proper nutrients to operate effectively and the food which we consume daily is the only source from where our body absorbs these nutrients. Thus, it is essential that you eat food which is full of nutrients to keep the optimal functioning of your body. A car will break down without proper maintenance. In the same way, your body will also break down due to poor nutrition and physical exercises.

It is of course difficult to resist junk food completely but we must try to control our intake of unhealthy options. Try to have healthy options as much as you can! It is possible to stop eating junk food and start enjoying healthy foods which will help your body to function at an optimal level. In most of the cases, bad habits are a simple state of mind. Programming and strong determination needs to be done to the mind so that the right signals are sent. So take the first step towards healthy living and avoid eating junk food for the betterment of your health in the long run. 

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