Simple exercises for models to stay in shape

We all know that regular exercise is too good for our body but still very few of us actually exercise regularly. Regular exercise not helps us in bringing fat and bringing our body in shape, but it also helps in making us active and happy whole day. It brings glow on our face and makes us look great. Nowadays when we all are so tensed and occupied in our lives, regular exercise can add “more life” to our monotonous lives.


Of course it is difficult for all of us to follow a strict and disciplined exercise plan but it is very important that we follow an energetic routine in life. “Every Journey begins with the first step” is a well known Chinese saying. All of us must take the first step in living a healthy lifestyle to remain fit and healthy. In today’s world, technology has taken over most of the physical work which our elders used to do manually. May be if we can follow our ancestor`s active lifestyle, we can achieve a fit health and a good body.

There are many little changes we can do in our daily lives and routine that can bring us great results. If we observe the start of our day, we will find that we make use of car and public transport to go to nearby places rather than walking. Even for very short distances we prefer cars. If we manage to change this little habit, we can inculcate the habit of brisk walking in our routine even without allocating special timings for that. In offices, we should prefer stairs instead of lifts. Make use of mixers and grinders to make various dishes which previously our elders used to grind with hands. We now simply sit at a place and finalize things by munching burgers or other snacks with a bottle of coke. Without any physical activity, you cannot maintain a good health. Thus doing of regular exercise will help you to stay strong and fit enough to do your daily activities wholeheartedly.

Mentioned below are some of the simple exercises which will help you to keep fit and healthy for a long time:-

Walking – One of the most essential exercises to keep fit and healthy is to walk daily. If you go to office by car then park your car at a nearby distance and try to walk. The same applies to if you go by public transport. If you go by bus to office then get down at the previous stop of your destination and walk the distance by foot. This will enable you to do some small physical activity in short period. Initially you can make a brisk walking and then increase time to 30 minutes walk, 45 minutes or later and hour.


Running – Running is another exercise which can be done if your body permits you to do. You can enjoy running in a park or playgrounds. Running will increase your stamina and helps you in reducing the extra weight. Besides it is also beneficial to prolong your ageing factor.

Gardening - You must be amazed how gardening helps to keep the body fit. Gardening an hour daily will give amazing results. Squatting, digging, potting plants and lawn mowing will helps to give a good shape to the thighs and abdomen muscles. Doing all these will shape your thighs and abdomen muscles and enables you give a good shape to your body.

Dancing – Some people dance while listening to music. If you are interested in dancing while listening to music, then dance to enjoy yourself. Along with dancing and enjoying yourself you will be surprised to know that this has been a good exercise to your body. This has uplifted your mood and workout has been done by almost all the muscles of your body. While dancing always take a deep breath and continue drinking water at small intervals. If you enjoy dancing you won’t feel you are exercising.

Yoga – Doing yoga keeps you active and reaps the benefits of it. Yoga not only keeps your body active but also boosts up the memory of your mind. You feel energetic and young for a long time. Perform yoga exercise under and do not put too much extra pressure.

Staying fit in life and exercising do not require special efforts and time. Continue to do some of these simple exercise in your daily life to keep yourself healthy and fit in life. 

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