Simple Home treatments for dry skin problem

The most common skin problem these days is dry skin. Pollution, hectic lifestyle, harmful sun rays, harsh winters, windy weather worsens the situation and make skin even drier. Lack of moisture ultimately results in itchy and flaky skin. But there are many ways to deal with dry skin problem at home by natural oils. Oil therapy is the most effective and natural way to deal with the problem of dryness in skin.


Understanding Oil Therapy for dry skin

Oil massage is one of the best and natural way to deal with dry skin. Take substantial amount of any oil that is easily available – olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, almond oil and even mustard oil. Rub all over your body mildly prior to bathing. A warm oil massage is even better. This massage will help you to retain moisture and make your skin soft and smooth.

Below are few natural oil therapies you can use to get rid of the problem of dry skin.


Coconut Oil

Probably this oil is the most easily available in every home and can be easily bought from a nearby store. Coconut oil is rich in fatty acids that can compensate for the lack of moisture in the skin. It gives best result when applied on skin and left over night.


Castor Oil

Another very effective option to treat dry skin, Castor oil is rich in Vitamin E. Being light in nature, it seeps into the skin easily and nourishes it. It stimulates the production of collagen and elastin which helps in softening and hydrating the skin making our skin smoother, softer and look younger.



Glycerin is another great substance for dry skin. Hydrate your skin with the help of glycerin. Mix glycerin, rose water and lemon juice in equal parts and apply on to your skin. Continue this for days and see the difference yourself.


Petroleum Jelly

Natural petroleum jelly can also be used to treat dry skin. Mix petroleum jelly with some amount of glycerin and rub it on your skin. This treatment will do absolute wonders for your skin.


Olive Oil and Egg Yolk

Olive oil has been used to treat dry skin since ages. The presence of Vitamin E and K in olive oil makes it a great option for treat dry skin. Mix olive oil with egg yolk and apply it on your dry skin on face and neck. Leave on for half an hour and then rinse off. This will make your skin really smooth and shiny.


Yogurt Scrub

Yogurt is also known to work wonders for dry skin. Take some amount of yogurt and put half a teaspoon of honey in it. You can also add sugar to it. Mix this properly and apply onto your face. Leave on for some time and then rinse off well. Not only your skin will be smoothened but you feel the glow in it.


Follow these simple oil treatments on your face and see the results within a week. All these treatments are absolutely natural and you can prepare these very easily at home. And of course, It is very important that you eat healthy and balanced diet.

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