The Other Side of Limelight

The unseen tears, the unheard of cries and the unfelt pain-showbiz comes with a price every model/actor pays at some point of time in his or her life. The industry is harsh and ruthless, you are old enough at 28, you compromise on roles, people take routes to success which you would dare not try and you end up with your finances in close to six months. Still, there are thousands who are ready to give in their every single drop of sweat and penny to make it to reel world.

Be it the real life or the reel life, the only way to cope with stress is to deal with it rather than run away from it. Running away from situations and not fighting them out brings us back to square one and the situation remains the same as you did not develop the mechanism to fight it out.

Although nothing is foolproof in life and as they say that the only thing constant in life is CHANGE. So just stay on your toes, stay financially very cautious and trust your instincts. Affirm yourself daily that you will cross all waves of problems and challenges.




What you really need to know as a modelling aspirant 

  1. Do NOT step into this field with any preconceived notions that people are like this or they are like that. Just affirm yourself that everyone around me is good and is trying his best to accommodate me and so should I. Remember what goes around, comes around.

    Be nice and friendly to people from director to a spot boy, greet people around you and don’t forget to pass a smile. Leave your best impression on people and they will respond back in the best way as well.
  2. Listen to your body.  At times we take to unnatural means to shed off weight or to gain muscles or abs. Models tend to make use of artificial nutrients and to get in shape. But remember that the day we stop listening to our bodies they will start sending us alarms in the form of some diseases and mental illness too! Just like drugs, dietary supplements have risks and side effects. It is very important that you take proper diet and guidance of a professional gym trainer to get that dream body. Chalk out a proper diet and exercise plan and follow it meticulously. Stay away from negative thoughts and always remember that there is no shortcut to success.
  3. Do not be in a hurry. Take one step at a time. While getting your photo shoot or portfolio made, do your own research and do not go by hearsay. Those styles may have suited the other person but you can certainly try someone else rather than spending money without giving a single thought. Meet more and more professionals and actively seek their advice about yourself and eventually, decide what will be the best for you.
  4. You MUST take care of your finances. Whether or not your family is supporting you, make a chart of your finances and plan them well. Having financial stability always helps us bring to safer grounds whenever we feel that situations and people are bringing us down. Keep yourself attached to your previous job or business even if it is for part-time. This would ensure that you keep getting a constant flow of money until you make it big and make showbiz your full-time career.
  5. Trust ONLY yourself. It may sound a bit selfish but it is true at least for this industry. Since we are dealing with a lot of fakes, it is difficult to make out between the good and the bad. The thumb rule is to trust yourself. Your gut feeling says a lot so never estimate it.
  6. Connect yourself spiritually. You will face moments when people around you or the situations seem like a jigsaw puzzle. You are just not able to get the correct answers then it is good to associate yourself with some sort of meditation an internal healing. Meditation brings you closer to your soul and inner self and this where you will find answers to a lot of problems.
  7. Always stay updated. It is important that you stay updated on what’s happening in your industry. Take to newspapers, books or subscribe to certain channels or blogs wherein you get updates on what’s new, what’s happening and what is the current scenario in the industry. Social media is a very powerful channel today to keep you informed about everything about this industry. Connect with top names in the industry and try to approach them at the right time.
  8. You must develop a thick skin. Be as strong and indifferent as you can. You may get to wait for days, weeks or even months. People might not answer your phone calls for days. You may not receive your paycheck on time. Handle the situations patiently before taking any action. Even if things turn bad, try not to break the relationships. Your good contacts in the industry will surely help you somewhere in the future.
  9. It is perfectly normal to eat what you like. The moment we imagine ourselves as models and actors, we believe that only items permissible for us to eat are cucumber and apple. But that is not true. Starving yourself will take away the sheen from your face and you will have a lacklustre personality. It is equally important not to be a slave of shaming your own body. Instead of sending signals of hatred to your body, love it send signals of joy to the place where your soul resides. This connection with your mind, body and soul will reflect in your personality. 
  10. You may not be paid in cash: If you are a beginner you must be mentally prepared that you might not be paid in cash as certain modelling agencies pay the models in the trade as in they might give you the clothes, your photographs etc. Decide what is best for you. If in beginning you get a good brand to work with, do not hesitate in working for less or even without pay. This experience is surely going to leave you enriched and will introduce you to nice people. Similarly, if you get a chance to work with leading photographer or director, do not miss that chance for a payout. These are excellent opportunities for you to impress the best professionals in the industry and seek out more work in the future.
  11. The photo shoots might not be glamorous:  Showbiz is very hard work and not just glamour. Your job might require you to work in very poor weather conditions wearing just the opposite clothes. Bollywood songs are full of our leading actresses wearing a cotton sari in the snow-capped mountains of Switzerland. It may be very hot outside but if the ad campaign is for quilts and winter wear then you need to put up with it uncomfortable clothing and odd accessories. Every day at work is not glamorous and easy. Like any other industry, it is sheer hard work as well.
  12. Always stay on guard: This is something that you have to remind yourself every day. This industry is full of fake and spiteful people who are just predators for fresh young talent. Do a quick check before you plan to meet someone and do not meet strangers at a wrong time. Always ask agencies for their work background and affiliations. Stay away from agencies asking for illegitimate registration fees, audition charges etc. Be very particular about the changing rooms provided. You must be aware of the methods which help you check the hidden cameras as many unknown and fake modelling agencies which mushroom up in the town use the area for other malicious activities. Before someone else could cheat you, always remember that you are responsible for your own safety.
  13. Modelling can be any age: It is assumed that modelling can be taken up only when you are young but that is not true. Once you enter the industry you find that people of all age groups keep trying their luck in the roles of all age groups. And this industry needs everyone. We have ample opportunities for all age, skin tones, body types and ethnicities. What you have to ensure is that you connect with the right people and work hard to achieve your dreams.
  14. Listen carefully to suggestions people give you: As you have chosen a relatively different profession, you can expect everyone right from your best buddy, your school teacher to your neighbour pouring in suggestions. Treat them as the biggest critics of your personality and your work. Validate and treat their suggestions with utmost respect. But do not leave a touch with yourself and don’t forget to listen to your instinct.
  15. Love yourself: Loving yourself truly is the best way to avoid any deceptions. Talk to yourself, assure yourself that no matter what you will love and take care of yourself. Take regular breaks from monotonous life and treat yourself. Buy yourself flowers, food or clothes of your choice. Go out for a movie. Relax for a while and stay the biggest and unconditional support system for yourself.

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