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  • During the World War II, shaving first became popular when nylon stocking were in short supply and bare legs became a trend which need to be stopped. Women today are increasingly turning to waxing ..

  • We all feel happy when the summer season arrives as we can have so much fun like basking under the sun on the beaches, fishing or simply having fun with friends in the warm and sunny weather. Unfor..

  • Dark underarms can be a source of embarrassment for many people. People with darker underarm skin are not able to dress in sleeveless tops, wear bathing suits in public and participate in sports. U..

  • When you look into the mirror you can see some pokey blackheads that shine bright and lumpy whiteheads that are just ready to burst open. Black heads and white heads are the skin’s worst nigh..

  • All of us wish to know the secret tricks of brightening their teeth. People get to know the tricks too late, long after the damage has been done to the teeth. Teeth begin to turn yellow with age, b..

  • On a regular basis it is quite common to feel tired or exhausted. It is a fact that about one-third of healthy teens, adults and other individual feel sleepy or fatigued. Fatigue is a common sympto..

  • There is lots of information about shaving on the net and it becomes hard to differentiate fact from fiction. We have been told that by taking the blade close to our skin will make your skin rough ..

  • Making time for fitness is one of the most important aspects of a healthy and productive lifestyle, yet it’s one of the first things to get pushed aside when life gets hectic. You know how cr..

  • SUN SCREEN-this word itself narrates the entire story why you should wear this particular cream before stepping out of your house. If you want to understand the damage that ozone l..

  • Every one of us likes to have the wide beautiful eyes. They are considered as windows to look to the beauties of outside world. Some people are blessed with wide, beautiful, sharp and dramatic eyes..

  • We all know that benefits of neem leaves are unlimited. Neem leaves, used in any form, not only improve us from outside but also heal our body from inside. Neem leaves help fight many skin and hair..

  • Say good bye to hi-end creams and lotions and include simple veggies in your daily diet and get that glossy look on your face at just no extra cost and effort!

    The race to post images on ..

  • Whenever an overweight person is asked to diet, they would always say that they would start but are not able to do so.  They cannot give up the temptation of eating and starve their body. We a..

  • A naturally slowing skin is every girl’s dream! From a 16-year-old teenager to a 60-year-old elderly woman everyone wants to get that shine on the skin when they smile and cheeks bundle up in..

  • Neem capsules as the name suggest capsule or cover all the amazing and naturally healing properties of neem tree. Neem capsules have become popular lately due to the bitterness which it possess and..

  • From Gwyneth Paltrow in Hollywood to Shilpa Shetty and Aishwarya Rai in Bollywood- these sultry actresses are known to have a strong inclination towards ayurvedic treatments and oils. The biggest b..

  • Work hard has now been swiftly replaced by work smart! And why not? It saves us lot of time, energy and money. So for that instant glow, face packs are really a smart choice. Now that most of us do..

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