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  • We might have found that it is difficult to stay focused and there are few things which one needs to do to stay inspired, so that you can finish all your tasks and achieve all your goals. By being ..

  • The red color is an auspicious color in Indian culture and liked by both men and women alike. In Hindu customs and beliefs, red color plays an instrumental role and is one of the most important col..

  • A lot of effort is required in the morning while going to college or office. You need to choose the perfect outfit to match your mood. There is no time to sit, think and decide finally. You just th..

  • Do you know what’s common between Ozzy Osbourne, Adele, and the famous singer Barbara Streisand? All the superstars shared that they experienced stage fright and nervousness and for a long ti..

  • As an artist you are vulnerable to losing your financial resources  as the investment in instruments in technical training and other sorts of expenditure on marketing yourself can be really dr..

  • Fights are a part of every relationship. They say that random fights simply spice up things in otherwise monotonous going relations. Every fight says a lot about you and your partner and you can pi..

  • You may be talented in your field of work but unless you have strong emotions you cannot win an audition.

    Within a short span of time during auditions, you need to cry, be threatening, be..

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