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  • Right from our pimpled adolescent years we are taught that oil is the enemy and we need to keep it in check with harsh astringents and scrubs and other oil-like products from our vanity and never e..

  • From years we have known that neem is a great resource to take care of your skin and hair. Neem oil is obtained from the very seed (or fruit) of the tropical neem tree, also called as Azadirachta i..

  • All of us are eager to keep up a perfect makeup look and due to the unbearable heat and humidity all your efforts vanish away gradually. The thing of beauty is a joy for ever is a famous saying and..

  • Selecting a night cream that suits your skin type can be challenge! Night creams available in the market cater to one particular issue. For instance some night creams provide relief from dark circl..

  • Every woman likes to maintain their facial skin every day. You can enhance the beauty of the facial skin not only by makeup but also with available ingredients at home like milk. Variety of face pa..

  • Pimples are one of the problems faced by most of the men and women. Pimples or blemishes or acne gives loss of beauty to the face of the person. It takes away beauty of the face. When a person is i..

  • There is a well known saying “Eyes are the windows of women’s heart”. If the windows through which the heart is seen are not worthy to be seen even if the heart is then it would b..

  • Water is considered as a savior of man. Water is considered as the liquid oxygen for promoting the existence of human lives on this earth. Water has numerous benefits essential for our health and s..

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