• We all know that by spending sensibly and saving in a regular manner will give you more financial security. Yet we find it difficult to save money as much as you want to.

    All of us might ..

  • Today we have models of all sizes, looks, height, weight and ages for different types of modelling that includes hand models, runway models, fitness models, fashion models and commercial models.&nb..

  • The looks of gaunt looks of models in magazines and on television can be horrifying and it has become widespread issue and some strict action should be taken against this. Ban can be done on models..

  • When we talk about the fitness world, 3-4 months workout plans predominate the landscape. Over the years you have seen many of them in various fitness magazines and blogs. Are they truly effective?..

  • You have grown up with cousins, neighbours and friends complimenting you on your height, skin texture, complexion and your overall looks! You were almost given the privilege of a model in your enti..

  • There is one thing that an aspiring model is always ready about and that is an audition. We are always prepared for an interview which the modelling agency. Questions generally are like why you wan..

  • We are in a world where a 10-years old can be made to look like 25 and a 60-years old can be made to appear like a handsome dude of 42. The wrinkles, freckles, dark spots, tanning, blemishes etc. a..

  • Fitness model have admirable physiques, whether you have admired their perfectly flat abs or toned quads on billboards of in videos. The appearance of model’s come from good genetics and rest..

  • Photographers always expect models with perfect skin and great physique. But sometimes models do not come with perfect skin as expected. Being the first time, models are unaware of how to get ready..

  • Models work hard for months together to tone up and sculpt their body. They do regular exercise and eat the right food to burn the fat and boost their metabolism. Finally, they have to prove the re..