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  • Ethical fashion -

    Ethical fashion is a term which is multi-faceted and means different things to different people. It is an umbrella term to describe ethical fashion design, production, r..

  • The demands of the fast fashion industry have created some detrimental consequences between environmental pollution and inhumane working conditions. Studies have brought the issue to the world&rsqu..

  • Every day on social media we find new viral beauty trends, and you might think to try a few of them. In case you have decided to try some of them you may be surprised to see some of the weird beaut..

  • Many of us aspire to be thinner but there is something said about these guys that they never filled out and cannot escape the snark about being one blow of wind away from a broken bone. There are v..

  • We all know the importance of saving money as it is an asset for you in future during your old days. There are many people who draw incredible salary worth Rs. 60000 and save only Rs. 500 every mon..

  • Have you considered buying a swimsuit for yourself for the upcoming beach holiday yet or not? Most of you are of the thought that investing in a pretty looking swimsuit is waste of time and money b..

  • Half of the summertime goes in the dilemma which gets you thinking how exactly can you dress such that you stay cool and calm and look more than a fashion icon at the same time. But did you know th..

  • A good watch says a lot about the personality of the man who is wearing it. Thus, it is important that you spend some time searching for and weighing your options for the watch that you feel would ..

  • Understanding the science of male lingerie – Different types of underwear for men

    So you thought there’s only an industry for women lingerie. But you are wrong! There exists a..

  • If you're thinking of buying a pair of knee-high boots this winter, it’s definitely not a bad idea! Here is our ultimate guide to choosing and styling this season's staple- Knee high ..

  • The Spring summer trends this year are not just limited to colours, apparels and accessories; they also involve designs and patterns on the fabric. There can be a wide range of des..

  • Women seem to have a lot more going in their favor when it comes to getting a more styled and groomed look but this is not the case with men. They tend to have fewer options and freedom in terms of..

  • Beards have been on trend since the beginning of 2017, and with various ways men are sporting them, it seems beards are here to stay well into 2018. Facial hair area great way to highlight your bes..

  • Polo Shirt is a man’s staple style; a must-have in your wardrobe that is suitable for any occasion, from uber casual to formals. But the polo shirts are not always considered an interesting c..

  • A must-have in your wardrobe, blazers are known for their versatility to pass as a semi-formal classy attire giving an outfit that finesses look, they are not bound by any specific weather or occas..

    1. Size And Placement

    Modern suits are single breasted and have two buttons on the sleeve of the suit. The bottom button of the jacket is not to be used but..

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