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What Are Gharanas In Classical Music

Much before partition, in what we today call as undivided Punjab, revenue collected from 84 villages ( 84 villages in and around Punjab) was given as...

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Use Colour Power To Beat Work Related Blues

Colour Therapy for Models- How Models Should Select the Right Colours of Clothes It is no wonder that you ordered a branded White shirt online but le...

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Tips To Become Freelance Singer And Find Work

You have reached half the marathon and want to invest money in the music classes of your choice or want to purchase instruments which are quite expens...

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Indian Classical Music Decoded

Roots Krishna Murli, Sitar, and Shankh-Our deities are seen holding these musical instruments in their hands. This is where the clue of roots of the...

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How To Sing Long Notes

There are many singers who find so many problems while singing long lines that they always run out of their breath while singing. It becomes a challen...

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How To Make Money On Youtube

Youtube is a well-known social media platform that allows any person to upload and share a video of his choice. Since it can be enjoyed even on the go...

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How To Increase Your Confidence As A Singer

Almost all of us have experienced stage fear at some point in our lives. It is no surprise that most of the reality show judges reveal that they smell...

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How To Choose Right Musical Instrument

A good singer must also have a fair idea about how and when to use some of the popular musical instruments. These days getting background music is not...

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How To Choose Best Songs For Your Voice

Well, this is where you need to act smart. Selecting the right songs is like laying the foundation of a successful singing career ahead. When you choo...

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How To Become A Successful Youtube Blogger

Youtube blogging is now one of the most sought-after for almost anybody who wants to live life on his own terms. Uploading a video and starting the vl...

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